Residential Broadband

MYNET BROADBAND (PVT.) LTD has unlimited no monthly usage cap, so you can enjoy totally unlimited downloading and internet browsing without any distortion and traffic problem.we have quality best and standard NOC (network operation center) so we can constantly giving and providing the unlimited usage and hi-speed connection to the loyal customers.we believe that the customer's perception is our reality.

we believe that the customer is the most important visitor on our premises and we never let down our standards and customer trust.this is our part of business.

If you’re a customer and you want to enjoy unlimited access and quality network support then we’ll bring you over to MYNET BROADBAND starting in 2001. you’ll start home broadband where you can enjoy our unlimited internet access, downloading and Mediatime.pk entertainment portal without any distortion or any other traffic issue.

We do the best with our business and customer support 24/7 response for our customers.